Innovative hoist control and safety systems for a fail-proof and organized workplace.

Experts in integrated solutions

All the control and safety systems of your hoisting equipment and related infrastructure are integrated into one compact solution. From remote controls and PLCs to motion control and variable frequency drives, Incosa offers a range of standard safety solutions for common hoisting equipment configurations.

The engineering team at your service

Working closely with your own engineers, managers, and technicians, we’ll develop a solution tailored to your exact needs. With 30 years’ experience in the field and all the know-how it takes to develop a cutting-edge solution, our engineering team is always available

In-house certified controllers

Because we make our own controllers, developed in-house, we have the flexibility to adapt our solutions entirely to your needs. Certification guarantees safety.

Five steps To
a customized Solution



Mapping parameters and preconditions

Listening to your needs is the first crucial step. Working closely with your project team, our representatives map the parameters, priorities, and preconditions of your application and the workplace in which it will operate, giving us a functional description of the solution.



Solution engineering

Our experienced engineers translate this functional description into a physical solution. Their building blocks include our own certified controllers as well as load cells, lasers, and other sensors. Applying their all-round industrial knowhow, they smoothly integrate existing systems into an all-encompassing control and safety module for your hoisting equipment.



Feedback and approval

The proof-of-concept is discussed with your project team. Responding to your feedback, our engineers will further finetune the design. This feedback loop will continue until you are entirely satisfied with the proposed solution.



Assembly and functional testing

The solution approved in step 3 is assembled and subjected to comprehensive functional testing. All potential scenarios of interaction and workflow, as well as all possible hardware failures, are simulated to ensure the system works entirely as stipulated in the functional description. We then produce a manual and gather user documentation.



Shipping and commissioning

The module is then shipped to you. You will receive on-line support to install the system and put it into service. On request, our engineers and technicians can come on-site to assist with commissioning.


Our integrated control systems can be installed on various types of installation and can feature a range of common control and protection modules, still highly adaptable to your specific situation.

incosa control systems can be installed on...

Overhead cranes

Industrial overhead crane control and safety systems are a major focus of our engineering team. Our systems protect the operators, the crane itself, and the surrounding equipment and building.

Outdoor cranes

Incosa’s integrated control systems can be used on outdoor cranes, including gantry cranes and port cranes.

Automation lines

The combination of a highly flexible, programmable, control system with a separate processor for safety functions is especially useful on industrial automation lines.

Incosa control systems can feature…

Overload protection

The pro-version of the i-C4C GO is certified Performance Level d for overload protection. The load cells are available in various types, including load pins and clamp-on load cells. All of them have an integrated analogue-to-CAN converter, making calibration easy. A range of complementary functions can be added, including slack rope detection and shock load protection.

Tandem mode

This add-on system provides complete safety for cranes working in tandem by coordinating speeds and restrictions. It can be mounted without modifying the cranes’ electrical controls.

Advanced zone protection

Zone protection stops the hoisting system entering a designated area. A combination of multiple protected zones can be programmed into i-C4C, and the protections can also be condition-based. Intelligent use of these options can provide automatic protection for the entire workplace and its workers.