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Integrate all your control and safety functionality in one compact solution.

Wi-Fi connection

Through a Wi-Fi connection, you do all parameterization from the ground

Data logging

Extensive data logging options allow for an advanced service to your clients.


Certified Performance Level d for overload. Ensure safety with the i-C4C GO PRO.


Remotely keep track of how installations are being used, including troubleshooting.


The ultimate in integration

With all the control and safety functionalities for your industrial hoisting equipment integrated in one compact box, no time is lost installing the numerous components, all the cabling, and testing. A single module does it all. It comprises 22 inputs and 12 outputs and is entirely programmable to your needs. All our load cells come with a built-in analogue-to-CAN converter, which allows for easy installation and calibration. 


A WiFi connection to the interface of your choice

An integrated Wi-Fi system connects the control box with the interface of your choice, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer. There’s no keypad or display on the controller itself. Because all parameterization and data readings can be carried out from the ground, no time is wasted climbing the crane. A high-visibility six-digit display can indicate key values such as weight or speed.

Data logging

Extensive data logging

Incosa Solutions’ systems come with extensive options for data logging and the visualization software to go with it. This allows you to offer advanced services to your clients. How many times has safety intervention been required? Which operator was in charge, and when? This kind of data is very useful for optimizing workplace organization, while logging temperatures, vibration levels, and motor starting currents are important for predictive maintenance. Whatever you would like to offer your client, it can be programmed into the Incosa control system.


Certified Performance Level d

When it comes to safety, you don’t want second best. The pro-version of the i-C4C GO control system is certified Performance Level d for overload protection – a safety level which is even higher than that required by the EN 14492-2 and ISO 13849-1:2015 standards. The protection system runs on a separate processor with class B certified software.


Cloud connected

The i-C4C GO control system will soon be equipped with Cloud Connect, an online data portal for logging and analysis. With this system, the hoisting equipment manufacturer can remotely keep track of how installations are being used. It also means that crane and hoisting equipment manufacturers can offer additional client services, including remote troubleshooting. The end user can keep track of the workplace from a distance.