Load cells

Digital load cells of every type and size

Our load cells and load pins are available in a wide range of sizes. They all come with built-in analogue-to-digital converters and connect over CAN-bus to the i-C4C control module. The integrated calibration software makes calibrating your load easier than ever. Just pick up a known load, push a button, and the i-C4C takes care of the rest.



The built-in analogue-to-digital converters not only facilitate calibration, they also make the system more accurate and less prone to errors.

Load cells in all sizes

Load cells are available in a wide range of standard capacities, types, and dimensions.

Customized load pins

Load pin dimensions can be customized to your needs.

Load cells on cable are the easiest to install,
as they are usually mounted on the fix part of the hoist.
They are available in different standard sizes and capacities.
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Load pin
Load pins are custom-made sensors that can be
mounted into a reeving pulley or a fix part of the hoist.
Load pins offer a good accuracy and are appropriate for
load indication applications.
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The flexion load cells are especially designed
to measure bending and shear loads.
The standard CF is characterized by a capacity range
of 15 to 1500kg,which makes it ideal for weighing tanks, silos, hoppers
and for many other applications in the industrial sector.
If larger loads are required the CFA alternative is ideal, with a range from
1000kg to 20.000kg
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This cell covers nominal loads from 1 to 60 t.
The SK design includes a cast-iron bracket, coated with
corrosion-resistant, baked-on paint. Its specific features
ensure that safety, performance and accuracy are maintained.
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